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Our office has a staff of experienced personnel that are prepared to handle your immigration law issues in both English and Spanish.  Immigration Attorney Gerardo Menchaca, with the law firm of Escamilla & Poneck LLP, represents individuals and businesses from around the world dealing with US Immigration law matters.  Attorney Menchaca’s office is located near the San Antonio International Airport, in San Antonio, Texas.

We have many different types of immigration clients.  Some of our clients seek immigration benefits, such as a green card (Legal Permanent Residency), for a family member.  We are experienced in processing green card applications for spouses, children, parents, and siblings (brothers and sisters) of US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents (people who already have a green card).  We have other clients who are in love with and wish to marry a person from another country.  For these clients we prepare fiancée visa applications (K1 Visa).  There are other types of clients who seek visas for a specific purpose such as a student visa (F-1 Visa or M-1 Visa) for those who wish to attend school in the USA or work visas for those who wish to work for a company in the USA.  There are different kinds of work visas such as the TN Visa, the H1B Visa and the L1 Visa.  Many of our clients wish to come to the USA to invest in a wide range of business opportunities.  For these clients we have four different visas: the E-2 Visa for small investors, the EB5 for large investors, the E1 for those in the import and export business and the L1 Visa for multi-national investors.  We are also experienced in preparing US citizenship application.

Our immigration lawyer is motivated to help you and your family better understand your immigration options.  Once you understand the options, we will help you prepare an application for the type of visa that best fits your needs.

Call and speak to Attorney Gerardo Menchaca about your situation.  Leave the complexities of US immigration law to the immigration lawyer so that you can focus on the other important aspects of your life.

By hiring the services of our immigration attorney, you can rest assured that you will be provided the superior service that our clients have come to expect.  For more information regarding pricing, services offered or general questions, please call 210-858-9681 to schedule a free consultation with an immigration attorney in San Antonio, Texas today.  We are available for consultations in our office, via telephone or Skype. All of our staff speaks English and Spanish for your convenience.