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Are you an individual that wants to take advantage of the business opportunities the US has to offer?

Immigration Attorney Gerardo Menchaca, with the law firm of Escamilla & Poneck LLC, works with people wishing to invest in a US business, people that import/export products and services between Mexico and the US, and individuals seeking a Green Card through investing in the USA.

There are 3 kinds of US Visas for Investors

There are three types of visas that are sometimes referred as “Investor Visas”:

E1 Visa – Import/Export Visa

The E1 Visa is known as the Import / Export visa. This visa is used by individuals that own a business that imports/exports products and/or services between the USA and individual’s home country.

E2 Visa – Small Investor Visa

The E2 Visa is known as the Treaty Investor Visa. The E2 Visa is for individuals that wish to invest in the United States by starting or buying a business.

EB5 Visa – Large Investor Visa

The EB-5 is for investors that wish to invest a minimum amount of $500,000 USD in the United States. The EB-5 is one of the most direct ways to obtain a Green Card.

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