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San Antonio Immigration Services

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Immigration Attorney Gerardo Menchaca, with the law firm of Escamilla & Poneck LLC, offers assistance with the following immigration law services:

Other Immigration Services & Visas USA

– B1/B2 Visa – Tourist Visa
– F1 Visa & M1 Visa – Student Visa
– LLC & Inc. Creation
– US Citizenship Applications
– DACA / Dream Act – Work Permits
– K1 Visa – Fiancé Visa
– K3 Visa – Spouse Visa

US Green Cards for Family

– Green Card for Husband & Wife of US Citizen
– Green Card for Parents of US Citizen
– Green Card for Sons & Daughters of US Citizens
– Green Card for Same-Sex Marriage Couples

US Green Cards for Employees & Investors

– Green Card Applications via H1B Visa (PERM)
– Green Card Applications via TN Visa (PERM)
– Green Card Applications via L1A Visa (No PERM)

US Investor Visas

– E1 Visa – Import/Export Visa
– E2 Visa – Investor Visa for Small Investments
– EB5 Visa – Investor Visa for Large Investments

US Work Visas

– TN Visa
– H1B Visa
– E1 Employee Visa
– E2 Employee Visa
– L1A Visa
– L1B Visa

Our focus is helping people apply for US Immigration benefits. Our services range from helping people apply for a visa to enter the USA, to helping others apply for Green Cards to stay in the USA and ultimately apply for US Citizenship.

If you are currently a Green Card holder (Legal Permanent Resident) and are interested in applying for US Citizenship, our Immigration Attorney can assist in the preparation of your application for US Citizenship before USCIS. We will explain all the necessary steps, as well as help prepare you for the naturalization interview and supply you with any materials that you will need in order to prepare for the US Naturalization Exam.

If you are a US citizen that is married to a spouse that does not live in the United States and would like to bring your spouse to the United States, we can assist you by preparing either a Spouse Visa application (K3 visa) or a Green Card application. The Spouse Visa (K3 Visa), is a temporary visa that will allow your spouse to enter the United States so that you may begin the Green Card application process.

For US Citizens currently engaged to a non-US Citizen, our attorney can help apply for the K1 Visa, or better known as the Fiancé Visa. The Fiancé Visa will allow your Fiancé to enter the United States for the purpose of getting married. Once married our office can help prepare a Green Card application so that your spouse can become a Legal Permanent Resident.

For foreign students coming to the United States to further their education, we can help prepare applications for the M1 and F1 Visas. The M1 and F1 Visas are both student visas that will allow students to enter and live in the United States while they take classes at educational institutions.

Lastly, our attorney is experienced and well-equipped to help people start their own business or make an investment in the USA. We offer creation services of Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Corporations (also known as Incorporations, Inc. and Corp.)

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