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The K-1 Visa, also known as the Fiancé Visa, allows a US Citizen to bring their Non-US Citizen fiancé to enter the United States for a temporary period of time in order to marry their US Citizen fiancé.

K-1 Visa Benefits

1.  Live in the USA

Your fiancé will be able to enter the United States for a temporary period of time, generally 90 days, to marry you (the US Citizen).

2.  Green Card Eligibility

Once you and your fiancé are married, your fiancé will be able to apply for a Green Card and remain in the US while the Green Card application is processing.

General Requirements of the K-1 Fiance Visa

When applying for K-1 Visa, there are 4 main requirement that must be met in order for you to bring your Non-US Citizen spouse to the US on a K-1 Visa:

1.  You must be a US citizen

2.  You and your fiancé must intend to be married within 90 days

One of the requirements for the K-1 Visa is that your fiancé is entering the US to marry you within 90 days of entering the US.

3.  You and your fiancé must be able to legally marry

You and your fiancé cannot currently be married to other people. Any previous marriage must be terminated by divorce, annulment, or death before applying for the K-1 Visa.

4.  You and your fiancé must have met each other in person at least once within the last 2 years

There are 2 exceptions to this requirement:

1.  If this would violate a strict, long-standing social, cultural or religious custom; or
2.  If this would create an extreme hardship.

K-1 Visa Application Process

The application process for the K-1 Visa is a 2-step process.  Step 1 is by mail.  Step 2 is in person (the interview).

Step 1 – I-129F

•  K-1 Document Checklist

Once your hire our firm, our immigration attorney will provide you with a tailored checklist of the documents to prepare Step 1 of the application.

•  Submit Step 1 of K-1 Application to US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Once you’ve provided us with the required documents, we will prepare the application and send it to USCIS.

Step 2 –Consular Interview

•  Document Checklist

Similar to Step 1, our immigration attorney will provide you with a second tailored document checklist needed to prepare Step 2 of the K-1 Visa application.

•  Submit K-1 Visa Application to US Embassy

Once you’ve provided us with your documents, we will prepare and submit Step 2 of your K-1 Visa to the US Embassy.

•  K-1 Visa Interview

Once your application has been submitted, you will be scheduled for an interview with an officer of the US Embassy. The purpose of this interview is to confirm that you and your spouse have entered into a valid marriage.

Prior to your K-1 Visa interview, our attorney will schedule an appointment to help prepare you for the interview.

Duration and Renewal of the K-1 Visa

Once your fiancé is in the USA, you will have 90 days to get married. The K-1 Visa expires after this 90 day period.

The K-1 Visa cannot be renewed, which is okay, because once you and your fiancé get married, your fiancé can apply for a Green Card and the K-1 Visa won’t be needed anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions about the K1 Visa

•  What if my fiancé and I don’t get married within 90 days?

The K-1 visa expires after the 90 day period and cannot be renewed. If you and your fiancé do not marry, then your fiancé should leave the United States.

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