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Spousal Visa

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If you are the current spouse of a US Citizen and live outside the United States, you may qualify for a K-3 Visa. The K-3 Visa allows a non-US Citizen spouse to enter and live in the United States to be with their US citizen spouse and apply for a Green Card in the United States.

K-3 Visa Benefits

1.  Live in the USA

You and your immediate family will be able to legally live in the USA. Your immediate family includes your spouse and your unmarried children under the age of 21.

2.  Green Card Eligibility

Once your spouse receives the K-3 Visa, they will be eligible to apply for a Green Card within the United States.

General Requirements of the K3 Visa

When applying for K-3 Visa holder, there are 2 main requirements that must be met by the applicant:

1. Your marriage must be a valid marriage

What is a valid marriage? A valid marriage is one that is:

1.  Legal.  The marriage must be one that is recognized by the government in the country or state you were married in.

2.  Bona-fide.  A bona fide marriage is one where you and your spouse have made the choice to get married to establish a life together as a married couple and not for the sole purpose of getting someone a Green Card.

2.  The spouse petitioning for the Non-US spouse’s Green Card must be a US citizen

K-3 Visa Application Process

The application process for the K-3 Visa is a two-step process.  Step 1 is by mail.  Step 2 is an interview in person.

Step 1 – I-130

•  Document Checklist for Step 1 of the K3 Application

Once your hire our firm, our immigration attorney will provide you with a tailored checklist of the documents needed to prepare Step 1 of the application.

•  Prepare and Submit Step 1 of Application

Once you’ve provided us with the required documents, we will prepare the application and submit Step 1 to the US government.

Step 2 – Consular Interview

•  Document Checklist for Step 2 of the K3 Application

Similar to Step 1, our immigration attorney will provide you with a second tailored document checklist needed to prepare Step 2 of the K-3 Visa application.

•  Prepare and Submit Step 2 of Application

Once you’ve provided us with your documents, we will prepare and submit Step 2 of your K-3 Visa to the National Visa Center (US Embassy).

•  K3 Visa Interview

Once your application has been submitted, you will be scheduled for an interview with an officer of the US Embassy. The purpose of this interview is to confirm that you and your spouse have entered into a valid marriage.

Prior to your K3 Visa interview, our attorney will schedule an appointment with the Non-US Spouse to help prepare him/her for the interview.

Duration and Renewal of the K3 Visa

The K-3 Visa is generally granted for 2 years.

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