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The Student Visa for those who would like to temporarily enter the United States to attend school and get an education in the United States.

Benefits of the F1 Student Visa

The main benefits of the Student Visa are:

Study in the USA

With a Student Visa, you can study in any school in the USA that enrolls international students, such as a high school, college, university, etc.

Work in the USA

With the Student Visa, university/college students you may be able to work in qualified on-campus jobs.

General Requirements for Student Visa

There are 4 general requirements to the Student Visa:

1.  You must be accepted as a student in an academic educational program.

This includes universities, colleges, private high schools, private elementary schools, seminaries, conservatories, and other academic institutions including a language-training program.

2.  You must be a full-time student.

3.  You must be able to speak English, or be taking courses that are teaching you English.

4.  You must be able to financially support yourself during the duration of your academic studies without the need to work

For instance, if the total cost of living (rent, food, etc.) and attendance (tuition, books, etc.) is $20,000 per year then you must be able to pay $20,000 a year without needing a job.

You can also have someone sponsor you during your stay in the US. If you are a student coming to the US, and your parents are able to pay the $20,000 then that is fine too.

Application Process for Student Visa

The Student Visa is a one-step process that requires one application to be submitted to the US Consulate concluding with an interview. The application process is as follows:

•  Document Checklist

Once you hire our law firm, our immigration attorney will provide you with a tailored checklist of the documents needed to prepare your Student Visa.

•  Student Visa Application

Once we have received the necessary documents, we will prepare your application.

•  Interview with US Consulate

The last step of the Student Visa process is the Visa Interview with the US Consulate. Once your application is ready, we will schedule the interview appointment for you and your family at the US Consulate in your home country.

Prior to this interview, we will schedule you for an appointment with the immigration attorney to help prepare you for the visa interview.

Duration and Renewal of the F1 Student Visa

Generally, the Student Visa is generally granted for the duration of the course of study. So if you enroll in a 4-year university program, your Student Visa will be issued for 4 years.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Student Visa

Where can I work with my Student Visa?

You may not seek off-campus employment until you’ve completed your first year of school, but you may be able to work on-campus subject to strict conditions and restrictions.  These are best explained by the international student liaison at your school.

There are 3 types of employment the Student Visa permits after your first year of studies:

1.  Optional Practical Training (OPT)
2.  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Optional Practical Training Extension
3.  Curricular Practical Training

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