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US Citizenship

US Citizenship is the highest honor and final step of the immigration process. Once you become a US Citizen, you gain rights that are exclusive only to US Citizens.

If you are a Green Card holder and are interested in applying for US Citizenship, this section will explain the requirements, application process and benefits of becoming a US Citizen.

US Citizenship Benefits

Once you become a US Citizen you will be able to:

1.  Live in the USA

A US Citizen will be able to live in the US permanently.

2.  Work in the USA

As a US Citizen, you will be authorized to work legally in the USA.

3.  US Citizens can apply for Green Cards for their relatives

Once approved for US Citizenship, you will be able apply for Green Cards for the following relatives:

•  Parents and Step-Parents
•  Children and Step-Children (Married and Unmarried)
•  Brothers and Sisters
•  Spouses

4.  US Citizenship can be passed down to your future children

As a US Citizen, your future children may qualify for US Citizenship without the need to apply for it.

5.  Right to Vote

As a US Citizen, you have the right to vote in elections.

6.  Can run for Public Office

As a US citizen, you can run for federal office (House of Representatives and US Senate) and for most state and local offices. Naturalized US Citizens cannot run for President, Vice-President, or positions that are in the presidential line of succession.

7.  Can remain outside the US for unlimited amounts of time

A US Citizen can leave the US and stay outside of the US for as long as they want without fear of losing their US Citizenship.

Who is eligible to apply for US Citizenship?

You may be eligible to apply for US Citizenship if any one of the following 3 points applies to you:

1.  You have had a Green Card for at least 5 years prior to applying for US Citizenship
2.  If you have a Green Card and have been married and living with the same US citizen for at least 3 years
3.  You have received a Green Card through serving in the Armed Forces

General Requirements of Applying for US Citizenship

When applying for US Citizenship, there are 4 main requirements that must be met by the applicant:

1.  You must have a Green Card

In order to qualify for US Citizenship, you must have lived in the US with a Green Card.

2.  You must have had continuous residence in the US for 5 years. If you are applying as a spouse of a US Citizen you must have had a continuous residence of 3 years

3.  You must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English.

4.  You must have good moral character

To apply for US Citizenship, you must not have been convicted of any major crimes, felonies, or fraud.

Other Requirements of Applying for US Citizenship Include:

1.  You must have been physically present in the USA for at least half the time of permanent residency

2.  You must have a clean criminal record

3.  Basic knowledge of US Government and history

4.  Ability to read, write, speak basic English

5.  Being 18 years or older

6.  Taking oath of allegiance to USA

Application Process to become a US Citizen

The application process for US Citizenship is as follows:

•  Document Checklist

Once you hire our firm, our immigration attorneys will provide you with a tailored checklist of documents needed to prepare your US Citizenship application.

•  Prepare and Submit Application – N-400

Once you have provided us with the necessary documents, we will prepare and submit the application for citizenship.

•  Appointment for US Citizenship Interview and Naturalization Test

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be scheduled to meet with an officer of the US Government for your US Citizenship interview. The purpose of this interview is get an idea of your character, background and why you wish to become a citizen.

During this interview, the officer will give you the Naturalization Test. This will test your English skills and your knowledge of the US Government.

Prior to this interview, our attorney’s will schedule you for an appointment to explain the type of questions you may be asked and prepare you for your interview and Naturalization Test.

•  Naturalization Oath Ceremony

The final step of the naturalization process is the Naturalization Oath Ceremony. Upon completion and approval of the interview and Naturalization Test, you will receive a ceremony date. This ceremony is where you will take final step of the process by taking the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. At this ceremony, you will give your Oath of Allegiance and receive your Certificate of Naturalization certifying that you are a US Citizen.

Frequently Asked Questions about US Citizenship

•  What if I can’t make the Naturalization Oath Ceremony?

If you cannot go to the oath ceremony, you should contact us as soon as possible so that we may request the US Government to reschedule it. Although this option is available, we generally recommend that rescheduling be left as a last resort.

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