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What is a Green Card?

What is a Green Card?

A Green Card is a document issued by the US government which gives you permission to live, work and get an education in the USA. The term “Green Card” is synonymous with “Lawful Permanent Residence”. So when someone says “Lawful Permanent Residence”, they are actually saying “Green Card” and vice-versa.

Which relatives can qualify for a Green Card?

US citizens and Green Card holders may apply for Green Cards for their relatives.

• A US Citizen can apply for Green Cards for:

• Spouse (husband or wife)
• Parents
• Children (of any age, whether single or married)
• Brothers or sisters
• Step-parents
• Step-children

• A person with a Green Card can apply for Green Cards for:

• Spouse (husband or wife)
• Children of any age who are unmarried
• Step-children of any age who are unmarried (divorced children are considered unmarried)

What are the Benefits of Having a Green Card?

There are many benefits of obtaining legal permanent residency (a Green Card):

• Living legally in the USA
• Working legally in the USA
• Going to school in the USA
• Having a Social Security Number
• Eligibility for a Texas Drivers License
• Being eligible to apply for US Citizenship after 5 years (3 years in some cases)

Which documents are needed to apply for Green Card?

When you hire our services, our immigration attorney will prepare and provide you with a tailored checklist outlining the documents and information needed to apply for your relative’s lawful permanent residence.

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