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The E1 Employee Visa is a visa for employees of a treaty trader to come to the US to help develop and increase trade between the United States and the treaty country.

What is a “Treaty Trader”? A treaty trader is a business that trades goods or services between a treaty country and the United States.

What countries qualify as Treaty Countries?

List of E1 Visa Countries

E1 Employee Visa Benefits 

The major benefits the E1 Employee Visa offers are:

1.  Live in the USA

The applicant and their immediate family will be able to legally live in the USA. Your immediate family includes your spouse and your unmarried children under the age of 21.

2.  Work in the USA

The applicant will be authorized to legally work in the USA. The applicant’s spouse will also be eligible to get a work permit. This work permit allows the spouse to apply and legally work for any employer in the USA.

3.  Public Education

The applicant’s children will have access to schools in the USA and be able to attend classes from Pre-K to high school.

4.  University

For the applicant’s children that have already graduated from high school, they will be able to apply and attend universities in the US without a Student Visa.

5.  Social Security Number

The applicant and spouse will be able to get Social Security Numbers.

6.  Driver’s License

The applicant and spouse will be able to get a State Driver’s License in the state they live in.

General Requirements for E1 Employee Visa

The E1 Employee Visa has 5 general requirements:

1.  The Applicant must be employed by a treaty trader

A treaty trader is a business that trades goods or services between a treaty country and the United States. There are 68 treaty countries with some of the most active being Canada, China and Mexico.

List of E1 Visa Countries

2.  Import and Export between USA and Treaty Country

The treaty trader you are coming to work for must be involved in international trade between a treaty country and the USA.

So, for example, if the business is a business in Mexico, they must be:

Importing goods and services from the US or;

Exporting goods and services to the USA.

3.  You must be an essential, managerial, or executive employee

What is an Essential Employee?

An “essential employee” is one that possesses special skills or expertise necessary for the business to operate and cannot be easily replaced by an unskilled worker.

What is a Managerial or Executive Employee?

A managerial or executive employee is one that supervises employees or is responsible for important functions of the business.

4.  The recommended amount of import/export

We recommend that the treaty trader you’re employed with imports/exports a minimum of $100,000 USD worth of goods or services between the two countries.

5.  At least 50% of the treaty trader should be owned by citizens of the treaty country

Example: 4 people own the business. 3 of the owners are Mexican nationals and the other is a US Citizen. The 3 Mexican owners each own 20% for a total of 60% of the business and the US Citizen owns 40% of the business. The business would qualify as being majority owned by treaty country nationals.

Application Process for E1 Employee Visa

The E1 Employee Visa is a one-step process that requires one application to be submitted to the US Consulate concluding with an interview. The application process for the E1 Employee Visa is:

•  E1 Document Checklist

Once you hire our law firm, our immigration attorney will draft and provide you with a tailored checklist of the documents needed to prepare your E1 Employee Visa application.

•  E1 Employee Visa Application

Once we have received the required documents, we will prepare your application.

•  Interview with US Consulate for E1 Employee Visa

The final step of the E1 Employee Visa process is the Visa Interview. This interview for the employee is done at a US Embassy/Consulate in your home country.

Prior to this interview, our immigration attorney will schedule an appointment to help prepare you for the interview.

How long does the E1 Employee Visa last?

The E1 Employee Visa can be issued for up to 5 years.

It is generally renewed for up to 5 years, and has no limit on the amount of times you can renew it.

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