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    Immigration Lawyer San Antonio

    Gerardo Menchaca is an Immigration Lawyer who has helped thousands of people obtain US Visas and Green Cards. He also heads the Immigration Law Section of the law firm of Escamilla & Poneck LLP.  Immigration Lawyer Gerardo Menchaca, services clients from all over the world from their office in San Antonio, Texas.

    Gerardo Menchaca has been practicing law for over 15 years. His job is to help his clients become and remain compliant with all US Immigration laws. Our San Antonio Immigration Lawyer has successfully handled countless US immigration cases and applications ranging from an individual client’s US Visa or Green Card, to corporate and business immigration clients from Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia who need US Work Visas for an entire business team.

    US immigration law is complex, thus applications for Green Cards, US Citizenship and US Visas such as Work Visas and Investor Visas, are best handled by an immigration lawyer with years of immigration law experience. Because when it’s something as important as bringing your spouse to the US or investing in the US to start a new business, you want to be sure that your immigration lawyer represents you both effectively and professionally.

    Investor Visa Immigration Lawyer

    Our Immigration Lawyers offer a wide variety of investor visas and Green Card application services for investors. If you are investing in the US, Immigration Lawyer Menchaca will explain all of your investor visa options. There are four different US investor visas: the E-2 Visa for small investors, the EB-5 Visa for large investors, the E1 Visa for the import/export business and the L1A Visa for multinational business groups. When needed, Lawyer Menchaca will also guide you in creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for your business to facilitate the issuance of an investor visa.

    Whether you represent a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, you can be sure that our investor visa lawyers will guide you through the entire application process. Our team of San Antonio Immigration Lawyers will help you choose the US Investor Visa that is best for you. During your investor visa consultation, you will learn about the differences and similarities between the E2 Visa, the E1 Visa, the EB5 Visa and the L1A Visa for investors.

    Work Visa Immigration Lawyer

    We also help people apply for US Work Visas. A US Work Visa serves as permission to be lawfully employed in the US. The best-known US Work Visas are the H1B Visa and the TN Visa. However, there are many other work visas available, including the L1A Visa for executives and managers, the L1B Visa for key employees with specialized skills, the O1 Visa for employees with extraordinary abilities, the O3 Visa for support personnel of O1 Visa holders, the P1 Visa for athletes and entertainers, the P2 Visa for support personnel of P1 Visa holders as well as cultural artist and entertainers. Work visas are also available for employees of holders of the E2 Visa and the E1 Visa. Lastly, we can help with applications for the H2A Visa for agricultural workers and the H2B Visa for non-agricultural workers.

    Family Immigration Lawyer

    Our group of San Antonio Immigration Lawyers can also help you legalize the immigration status of your family members who are in the US and can also help get them to the US if they are not already here. If you are a US Citizen needing a Green Card application for your spouse, child or parents, we can help. We have the best Immigration Attorneys in our office. They are sensitive to your needs because we believe families belong together and it is our job to help you unite with your loved ones as soon as possible. Therefore we do our best to prepare and file all applications for Legal Permanent Residency (Green Card) as expeditiously as is possible. On the other hand, if you already have a Green Card and are ready to naturalize by applying for US Citizenship, we can help as well.

    At the law firm of Escamilla & Poneck LLP, Immigration Lawyer Gerardo Menchaca want to help you be compliant with all immigration laws. Our immigration lawyers are motivated to help you and your family better understand your immigration options. Once you understand the options, we will help you select the best path and prepare an application for the type of US Visa that best fits your needs. Call to speak to Lawyer Gerardo Menchaca about your US immigration situation. Leave the complexities of US immigration law to our immigration attorneys in San Antonio, so that you can focus on the other important aspects of your life.

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    Our immigration law firm wants to help you. To set up a consultation with an Immigration Lawyer to discuss the time, costs and other requirements associated with a US Visa or Green Card application, please call (210) 816-6666.