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4 Categories of Employment Based Green Cards

A Green Card obtained via an employer is known as an Employment Based Green Card. These Green Card applications are placed into 4 categories. The category that you apply under helps determine whether your application will be subject to a waiting period before it is processed, and if so, how long that wait may be. For an in-depth explanation about the Green Card process, call our office to speak to one of our immigration lawyers.

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    San Antonio Green Card via Employment or Investment Attorney

    Here is an explanation of the Green Card Preference Categories:

    The first category is for workers with extraordinary abilities and multinational managers, including L1A to Green Card applicants. The second category is for professionals with advanced degrees or exceptional ability, which includes TN to Green Card and H1B to Green Card applicants with a master’s degree or 5 years’ experience. The third category is for professional level workers with an undergraduate university degree. The fourth category is for special immigrants such as former foreign employees of the US and NATO, and a diversity of visa lottery winners. Our immigration attorneys have a vast knowledge on these categories.

    To determine how your Green Card application will fit in the preference categories as per the Visa Bulletin, it is best to contact our top immigration lawyer to analyze your case.

    1 Category of Investment Based Green Cards

    The fifth Green Card Preference Category is the EB5, also known as the EB5 Visa. This category is for foreign investors who invest at least $500,000 USD in the US and whose investment creates 10 new jobs for US workers. Another option for investors is the L1A to Green Card option discussed above. Although most L1A holders are not the owner of the business they work for, the L1A can be converted to a Green Card for the investor, the business owner, just as it is done for the employee.

    Our immigration attorneys are experienced in processing employment based Green Card applications, as well as investment based Green Card applications. Our job is to make the immigration Green Card application process as clear and convenient as possible.

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