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The Tourist Visa, also known as the Visitor Visa, is a visa that is issued to people who would like to temporarily enter the United States for business, tourism or a combination of those purposes. The B1/B2 is issued for 10 years and allows visits to the US to last up to 180 days. The B1 part allows for business travel and the B2 part allows for tourist related activities in the US. Our immigration lawyers are experts on tourist visas and obtaining them.

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    San Antonio B1/B2 Tourist Visa Attorney

    There is one main requirement for the Tourist Visa:

    Show that you intend to return to your country after your temporary visit to the US. The B1/B2 is to be used only for temporary visits to the US, as opposed to staying permanently in the US.

    The B1/B2 Visa application process is as follows:

    1. Document Checklist

    Once you start the process, the first thing our immigration attorney will do is provide you with a very detailed checklist of the documents needed to prepare your B1/B2 Visa application. This checklist is custom made to your particular situation and therefore very important because it spells out exactly what will be needed from you to complete the application.

    2. Prepare Visa Application

    Once we have received all of your documents, we will prepare your application.

    3. Interview with US Consulate

    The last step of the tourist visa process is the visa interview. Once your application is ready, we will schedule the interview appointment at a US Consulate in your home country. The purpose of this interview is to verify, amongst other things, that you are not coming to stay in the US indefinitely. Prior to this interview, you will have an interview preparation session with our immigration attorney to help guide you. This preparation will make you feel a lot more confident and comfortable during your interview.

    The Tourist Visa is issued for a period of 10 years at a time, but each visit can only last up to 180 days. The duration of each visit is determined by the i-94.  The i-94 can be issued for up to 180 days (6 months) when entering the USA on a tourist visa.

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    If you would like to set up a consultation with an immigration lawyer to discuss the time, costs and other requirements associated with the tourist visa application, please call (210) 858-9681.

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