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Our immigration lawyers work to provide comprehensive immigration solutions, including the following services.

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    US Citizenship Applications – the process of applying for US Citizenship is known as the Naturalization process. If you are ready to apply for US Citizenship, our immigration lawyers are ready to help.

    US Passport Applications – for some US Citizens, the process of obtaining a US Passport can be complicated, especially when their birth in the US was attended by a midwife at a home, instead of a doctor at a hospital. In these cases, the US Passport Office takes the position that a birth certificate signed by a midwife is not sufficient evidence that the applicant was born in the USA, thus the passport is denied. If your US passport application was denied because your birth was delivered by a midwife, call our immigration lawyers.

    Creation of US Company – many of our investor visa clients use a company created in the USA to carry out their investments. Our office creates both corporations and limited liability companies, known as LLC’s, for our investor visa clients. If you wish to create a US Company our immigration attorneys are ready to help.

    Tax ID Number – this number is helpful for many business transactions in the USA. Companies owned by our foreign clients with companies in the USA, need to process a Tax ID Number, also known as the Employer Identification Number. To obtain a Tax ID Number, contact our office for a consultation with one of our immigration attorneys.

    Visa Recovery – from time to time people entering the USA, have their valid visas cancelled by CBP due to a variety of reasons and factors. When this happens, applying for a replacement visa can be an option. Our immigration attorneys’ services include applying to recover a visa which has been cancelled or voided.

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