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What is the P3 Visa?

The P3 Visa is a work visa for culturally unique artists and entertainers. The P3 visa allows artist and entertainers to come to the US to perform, coach or teach music, art or theater performance, that is culturally traditional, unique, folk or ethnic. This visa allows you to enter the USA to promote the development and understanding of your artistic endeavors. The P3 visa is also available to members of the essential support personnel who are integral to the art performed by the artist or entertainer. Our immigration lawyers have a critical understanding of the visa system and the P3 visa.

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    1. Live in the USA with P3 Visa

    The applicant and immediate family will be able to legally live in the USA. Immediate family includes spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. The artist/entertainer is issued a visa called the P3 Visa, meanwhile immediate family (dependents) are issued a visa called the P4 Visa.

    2. Work in the USA Visa P3

    The P3 applicant authorizes you to legally work in the USA. Working in the US with the P3 visa means that you can work in your art form in various ways, including the development, interpretation, performance, representation, coaching or teaching of the art form. The P3 visa also allows you to make promotional appearances.

    3. Public Education with P4 Visa

    Your children will have access to public and private schools in the USA from Pre-K to university, without the need for a student visa.

    4. Social Security Number & Driver’s License

    The P3 Visa allows you to get a US Social Security Number and a driver’s license.

    1. You must be an artist or entertainer who is invited to participate in an event, presentation or performance of music, theater or other art form;

    2. Your art form must be culturally traditional, unique, folk or ethnic;

    3. You must be invited to the USA to participate in an event that will broaden and expand the acceptance or appreciation of your artistic endeavors, regardless of whether the event is free to the public or not;

    4. Your P3 visa must be sponsored by a cultural, educational or governmental organization, in other words, a US Employer is required;

    5. You must be able to present evidence of the cultural or traditional uniqueness of your art form, such as testimonials, letters, media reviews or newspaper articles; and

    6. You must be able to present evidence of your artistic skills (or your group’s artistic skills) in the performance, presentation, coaching or teaching of your unique or traditional art form, such as testimonials, letters, media reviews or newspaper articles.

    1. Document Checklist for P3 Visa

    Once you start the application process, the first thing our immigration attorney will do is provide you with a very detailed checklist of the documents needed to prepare your P3 Visa application. This checklist is custom made to your specific circumstances and therefore very important because it spells out exactly what will be needed from you to complete the application.

    2. Application #1 filed with USCIS

    Once you provide us with the requested documents, we will prepare Application #1 for the P3. This application is submitted to USCIS. On the average, the review process can take anywhere from 2 weeks with Premium Processing to 4 months without Premium Processing. Once USCIS approves Application #1, we then move on to Application #2.

    3. Application #2 filed with US Consulate

    The immigration attorney will prepare Application #2 which will be presented at a US Consulate in your home country. This step includes an interview by a US Consular Officer. Upon being approved, the P3 Visa is stamped onto the applicant’s passport. shortly after the interview.

    4. P3 Visa Interview Preparation

    Prior to the applicant’s L1A interview at the US Consulate (Application #2), you will have an interview preparation session with one of our immigration attorneys to help guide you. During this session, you will learn about the questions you are most likely to get during the P3 interview. The preparation will make you feel a lot more comfortable during your interview.

    The P3 Visa duration is initially 1 year.

    The P3 Visa renewal is issued in increments of up to 1 year, so that you may complete your performance, event or activity in the USA.

    1. Can I apply for a P3 visa extension?

    Yes, you may apply to extend your P3 Visa or just your P3 status. The P3 extension of status applications are filed by mail with USCIS. Extensions of the P3 visa require that you first apply for an extension with USCIS and then apply for a new visa with a US Consulate outside of the USA. There is no limit to the number of times that you can apply to extend this visa.

    2. How long do P3 visa extensions last?

    You may extend the P3 in 1-year increments.

    3. Can I go from a P3 Visa to Green Card?

    Yes, you may apply for a Green Card via the adjustment of status process. Also, for artist and entertainers, the P3 is a dual intent visa (this is not the case for support personnel with the P3 visa). P3 Visa holders may apply for a Green Card via a family member or via their abilities. Those with extraordinary abilities may self-petition via the EB1 category. Those with exceptional abilities may apply for a Green Card via a US employer using the EB2 category.

    4. Can I change employers?

    Yes, so long as the new employer files a new P3 application on your behalf.

    5. Can I work for more than one employer in the US?

    Yes, but each employer will need to file a P3 application on your behalf.

    6. Who qualifies for a P4 Visa?

    This visa is for the immediate family members of P3 visa holders. In other words, this visa is for the spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

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