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Other Visas USA, Many Types Available

There are many types of visas to the USA. Each visa is issued for a specific purpose. For example, students need a student visa called the F1, business visitors and tourist need a visa called the B1/B2, athletes and artists need a visa called the P1, and those with extraordinary abilities need a visa called the O1 visa. Our immigration lawyers are knowledgeable on other types of visas and how to obtain them.

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    This is a brief summary of each:

    F1 Visa – This visa is for students. To qualify you must have applied and been accepted to a school in the USA. The main requirement of the F1 visa is that you prove that you have the financial ability to cover the cost of your education in the USA.

    B1/B2 Visa – This is known as the tourist visa. It allows you to come to the USA for either business or pleasure. The main requirement for getting this B1/B2 visa is showing that you intend to return to your country after your temporary visit to the US.

    P1 Visa – This visa is for athletes, members of entertainment groups and their support personnel. The P1 visa allows entrance to the US for an event, competition or a performance. Athletes must have achieved international recognition based on athletic achievement. Members of entertainment groups must be recognized as outstanding in their discipline.

    P3 Visa – This USA visa is for culturally unique artists and entertainers. The P3 visa allows artist and entertainers to come to the US to perform, coach or teach, musical or theatrical performance, that is culturally traditional, unique, folk or ethnic.

    O1 Visa – This prestigious visa is for people with extraordinary abilities, designed to bring the most talented people from the globe to the US. To obtain the O1 visa, you must have risen to the very top of your field of endeavor. The O1A Visa is a work visa for people with extraordinary abilities in the fields of science, business, athletics or the academic world of education. The O1B Visa is for people with extraordinary abilities in the arts, or extraordinary success at a national or international level in film or television.

    O2 Visa – This is a work visa, issued by the United States, to support personnel of O1 Visa holders who work in the fields of athletics, entertainment, film or TV production. The support personnel must be an integral part of the O1’s activities in the US.

    Our immigration attorneys are experienced processing many types of US visas. To learn more about your visa options, you should call to schedule a consultation.

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