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O2 Visa for Essential Support Personnel of O1 Visa Holders

What is the O2 Visa?

The O2 Visa is a work visa, issued by the United States, to support personnel of O1 Visa holders. It is issued to persons whose skills cannot be performed by other individuals. Your support and assistance must be an integral part of the O1’s activities in the US. Multiple O2 visas may be issued to support one O1 visa holder. To work in film and TV production with the O2, you must have worked with the O1 Visa holder in the past and based on this experience, you must have critical skills that cannot be carried out by someone else. To qualify for the O2 Visa, the O1 Visa holder you will work with must have obtained the O1 in the fields of athletics, entertainment, film or TV production. There are no O2 visas to support O1 Visa holders in the fields of business, science or education.

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    The O2 Visa offers many immigration benefits.

    1. Live in the USA. With the O2 visa you and your immediate family will be able to legally live in the USA. Your immediate family includes your spouse and your unmarried children under the age of 21. The visa issued to O2 dependents is called the O3 Visa.

    2. Work in the USA. The O1 will authorize you to work in the USA.

    3. With the O3 visa, children will have access to schools in the USA, everything from pre-kinder to colleges and universities without needing a Student Visa.

    4. You will be able to get Social Security Numbers and will be eligible to apply for a US Driver’s License.

    These are the requirements needed to qualify for the O2 visa:

    1. You have a job offer to work for an O1 Visa holder in the USA.

    2. The job offer must be to provide essential support needed by O1 Visa holder.

    3. It is required that you have previously worked with the O1 visa holder making the job offer.

    4. You must have permanent ties to your home country to indicate that you intend to leave the USA when your work is complete.

    Applying for the O2 visa is a two-step process. First you must file Form I-129 with USCIS. If the person you will be working for does not have the O1 visa yet, then the O1 and the O2 visa application should be filed together. Upon receiving approval from USCIS, you can apply for the O2 visa at a US Embassy or Consulate outside the USA.

    The O2 visa is issued for up to 3 years. It can be extended in one-year increments.

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